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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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we begin with developing news tonight. the owners of a pittbull that mauled a martinez fourth grader are fighting the attempt to destroy it. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off tonight. the dog was going to be put down tonight because of the attack. alan wang is live at animal control tonight. alan, the owners owners are battling to keep their dog alive. >> we spoke to the boy's mother and she says she is disgusted with their decision to try to keep those dogs alive. the dogs that almost killed her son. we caught up with her at a fundraiser to night to help pay for the boy's skin graph surgery and possible nerve damage to his face. tonight friends, family and even people who don't know
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10-year-old hunter kilborne came out to raise money for his medical bills. this fundraiser was at a restaurant in brentwood. >> being a mother and seeing what he is going through, i don't think i would have been able to get through it as well as i have been. >> two pittbulls attacked hunter 10 days ago while playing at a neighbor's house. one dog was scheduled to be euthanatized today, but the owners are now asking for a hearing to decide the fate of both dogs. >> i look at him and his wounds on his body and it breaks my heart. to him, he is just hunter. he is getting it back. >> the mother would not comment specifically about the neighbor's decision. but her attorney said if the owners of the dog understood the magnitude of the problem they would not hamper this from happening to someone in the future. the owner commented on keeping his dogs alive. these were taken of hunter
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today and despite a long recovery his cousin jayden said he is getting better. >> the doctor is letting him take walks and stuff. i think that is okay. >> antioch animal control will schedule a hearing for both dogs when the second dog is released from quarantine where it is being observed. one week from tonight you will never have a chance to drive across the eastern span of the bay bridge. the five-day process to open the new bridge can begin. traps -- transportation reporter heather ishimaru is live and it is amazing the moment is really hear. >> you can sort of feel it. i know it might sound strange and maybe it is just me. you can feel the excitement and there will be nothing tricky done about the new traffic alignment on the new bay bridge. but drivers could be thrown at least a bit by the brand-new
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rad clear -- radically experience on the deck. this shows the driver's point of view. this is westbound beyond the toll plaza. we showed the animation to the eager commuters. >> i didn't know they would be trees there. >> they won't be in by the time the bridge opens on september 3rd. they are coming eventually along with some other landscaping. what will be there day one is a new westbound view currently blocked. >> it should be awesome. you have an unincome bettered view of the bay. hopefully the guardrails are low so you can see over the top. yet safe enough so nobody is going over the edge. >> it shows a westbound off-ramp for treasure island and yes, sir bough buena on the right, but the off-ramp is still two years away. drivers headed in the other direction to oakland will have a shock coming out of the tunnel and into the light. freed from the cage.
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the animation has the old bridge torn down. in fact, that will take years. the driving experience and view will still be rad clear different from now. >> are you going to miss the can can -- cantalever. >> no i will miss nothing about the old bridge. >> to get from the old to the new there is the not so small matter of the closure. it will start with a series of rolling traffic blocks by the chp. police warn drivers to plan ahead. the alternates like the golden gate bridge are expected to be congested so bring your patience too. heather eshish, abc news. >> it is cool. you can find a link to watch the entire cal trans animation. go there and click on see it on tv. to help move along traffic on the bay bridge, an additional lane will be made fast track only. that means this weekend three toll lanes will be closed while the lane is convert.
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fast track drivers who approach from interstate 880 or west grand avenue will be detoured to exit and use the two bus only lanes. the toll lane closure runs from this friday night through 5:00 a.m. on monday morning. as we have been saying we are less than two weeks away from the opening of the new bay bridge. the old one closes a week from tonight. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the big opening day 13 days from now on september 3rd. unless it potentially happens on labor day. we'll see. visit for a detailed look at commuter resources on bart, ac transit and san francisco bay ferry. and you can explore abc7's realtime traffic maps to see where the worst gridlock is during the closure. check out cal trans live construction camera to see how close the bridge is to opening. and just as soon as it opens whether that is labor day or the scheduled september 3rd date we will notify you
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immediately. follow us at abc7 news bay area. moving on, a massive wildfire near yosemite national park has forced county leaders there to ask the governor to dough -- to declare a state of emergency. a new round of evacuations was ordered as the fire jumped the containment line. there is a big dump from a fixed wing tanker plane dumping flame retardant. the stanislaus national forest. strong winds are pushing the flames in every direction and residents are understandably nervous. >> i am a little concerned. >> there is no safety zone to escape it if the fire were to turn at him. we lost 19 in arizona and we will not let that happen again god willing. >> flames destroyed nine buildings since the fire started. the crews are expected to take two weeks to get this under control. meteorologist sandhya patel is here near yosemite.
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sandhya? >> dan, it is just off the bay area coastline. let's check out live doppler 7hd and let's talk about the lightning strikes showing up off the coast. as you look here in the last couple minutes, we are seeing a few strikes just west of the cloverdale area. it is about 40 miles away. keeping an eye on that and also keeping an eye on the lightning strike well out over the ocean. we have a slim chance at seeing an isolated thunderstorm or two in the north bay tonight. the current conditions near the rim fire, 68 degrees and relative humidity is 36%. the winds are calm at the surface, but not the case in the upper parts of the atmosphere. the firefighters will still have to deal with the dry conditions and the warm weather and the gusty winds in the upper layers of the atmosphere. i'll be back with the changing weather for our weekend coming up, dan? >> see new a moment. a man shot by chp officer is accused of a violent case of road rage and now faces attempted murder charges. investigators say he ran down
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a motorcyclist in oakland. sky 7hd shows the aftermath of the crash. when a chp officer caught up with him he refused orders and the officer feared for his life and he opened fire. he is in the hospital recovering and will be booked into jail. the motorcyclist he is accused of hitting, richard fletcher of antioch we are sorry to say is now paralyzed. new at 11:00, drug dogs will be seen on the campus of valley christian high school in san jose. a private christian school has hired a company to patrol the school grounds. one of the first local schools to take this kind of step. two golden retrievers will sniff the cars and the lockers. they don't have a big drug problem and they want to keep it that way. >> we look at it as being ahead of the curve and using it as a deterrent. >> they will be called the campus at random. when they have given
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permission for the dog sweeps. >> mountain view police made a significant drug bust today with the help of one of its k-9 officers. police say zeus found two pounds of meth under the -- during the search in san jose. the drugs were found in a hidden compartment in a car. this is a picture of zeus. the dog discovered money and a loaded handgun apparently. >> sheeves found a new way believe it or not to steal cell phones in san francisco. thieves are teaming up and, woulding together. one takes your phone and the other runs off. then the other thief returns the stolen phone in hopes of getting a reward. a lot of people understandably give maybe $20 or $30 as a reward as someone who steps in to help in a situation like that. it is quick and easy money for a few minute's work by some very deceitful thieves. itclueless by what you will
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need at college 1234* michael finney as always is here to help. joy this is an interesting story -- >> this is an interesting story. the national retail federation say this year's back to school is going to be huge. do you buy textbooks or rent them? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and is there an end in sight for the sexual harassment scandal in san diego? the move bob filner made tonight. we'll have the latest. and if you are tired of coffee or just plain tired, there is a new way to get your caffeine fix. why this new product is
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hayward where crews are working on a fire where they discovered a large marming marge grow. it broke -- large marijuana grow. more than a hundred plants were found. you can see the plants packed into the home's garage there. an unexpected find to put out the blaze. back to school shopping is big business and it can cost you big bucks. not if you are armed with good information. michael finney is talking about ways 20 save a few dollars. >> we were talking about back to school, so now let's talk back to college. the back to college spending
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will top $72 billion. the average student spending $800 on clothing, electronics and furnishings. >> we walked up and down the aisles of target for like three hours and grabbed everything we could think of. >> mostly what you hear is what you need to buy for your college kids. but i have ideas for things you don't need to buy. he is the director of student housing at the university of san francisco. >> bring a laptop over a tablet for the sake of being able to print. many tablets will not let you print: and you don't know what functionality you will need in the academic environment. >> a printer is an obvious purchase after a computer, but a lot of colleges have printing labs where kids can send the work and you will save money on ink. >> you can print around campus. we have plenty of printers in the residence hall and the buildings and the library. >> you might think buying textbooks is a nonnegotiatable
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expense of college. you can now rent many books. ryan is heading off to uc riverside in a few weeks. he is hoping to save money by buying electronic versions of books in assisted of hard copies. >> i would rather go digital instead. >> exter national hard drives are not essential. there are free clouds for back up data and the newest come ut poohers have sufficient computers have sufficient space for a college kid. consider that the new apple phones #r* introduced in the fall, so you probably want to hold off for the latest. she is helping her son move into the dorm at the university of san francisco. >> his roommate is getting the microwave and we have the frige. >> some colleges don't allow students to have microwaves in dorm rooms because of the power availability. so you might get to take that off your list too. there are a few other items you may consider living off your list like an ironing board. kids don't do a lot of
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ironing. when we were out at campuses we saw ironing boards being drug around. many have friges and microwaves standard in dorm rooms. and some campuses don't allow you to have the mini friges and microwaves. >> they sure didn't provide them when you and i were in school. that's a long list of things. the sexual harassment saga involving san diego mayor bob filner may be coming to an end. the city attorney says a 10 tentative deal has been reached in a suit between filner and the city. 17 women have accused the 70-year-old mayor of sexual harassment. it will be voted on on friday. yahoo! is the king of the internet for the first time in more than two years. the yahoo! sites were the most visited sites in the country. that's according to the monthly report. yahoo! sites had more than 196 million unique visitors in july. that's four million more than
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google sites had. there is a lot of buzz surrounding a new company that can get your caffeine fix. sprayable energy is a mixture of water, caffeine and something called tyrosene. users spray it to their skin. each equals a quarter cup of coffee. makers claim there is no crash and no bitter taste. does it really work? tune into good morning america at 7:00 a.m. to find out. seems like something s something is lost in the translation there if you can't even taste it. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yeah, dan -- we are going to check out live doppler 7hd. here it is. as you look here, you can see some lightning strikes well off the coastline here. they are not reaching the bay area. we will keep in a small chance of some isolated thunder in the north bay. you can see as i take you back several hours the moisture is rotating and the sierra had
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thousands of strikes and other parts of the state as well. with the proximity of the thunderstorms here the northern california red flag warning continues until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. here is the view from the emeryville camera. as you look back toward the west, you can see we have low clouds around and they will be with us first thing in the morning. it is comfortable from san francisco and oakland and redwood city and down to san jose and los gatos. half moon bay 59 degrees. here is a view from the tower camera and the fog is coming in and out. hard to see san francisco. santa rosa 56. 58 in napa. fid 50s novato. check out this beautiful view from the explore for yum camera. you can see clouds down lower and a few higher clouds as well. we are watching the system moving northward. slight chance of a thunderstorm tonight in the north bay. we are looking at a cooler pattern this weekend. changes are coming. a more stable atmosphere ahead.
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for the time being it is a little unstable. as it president coulds to move north -- as it continues to move northward it will take the moisture with it. tomorrow morning a cloudy start for most of the bay aer and -- the bay area and then the sun pulls away. mostly sunny except the north bay. lingering clouds for your thursday afternoon. tomorrow morning, bundle up. a little on the cool side. low to upper 50s first thing in the morning. you will see low clouds around near the coast and around the bay and possibly into some of our valleys. for the afternoon, 79 in san jose. sunny skies on the peninsula as well. 78 in santa clara. you will see mid70s palo alto, redwood city. 66 in half moon bay. a mild afternoon in downtown san francisco. 66 in the south city. north bay, 60s coast side. we will get you most areas in the 70s. 77 in santa rosa. 78 in napa. low 90s though, clear lake, ukiah.
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head out toward the east bay and 70 by the afternoon and oakland. temperatures are very similar to today. inland spots 86 livermore and 88 in antioch. a little warmer on friday. mid60s on the coast. the temperatures will cool off below normal on sunday. mid80s inland and low 60s coast. the numbers will rebound as you see there monday through wednesday slight upward trend. at least it will be back to the typical summer pattern here. >> nothing extreme. >> thanks very much. stay with us.
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everything he did was what was wrong with us. it was a game against seattle. brandon moss and patience at
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the plate and waits on the delivery. and then deposits it over the left field wall. it gives oakland a 2-1 lead. aj griffin couldn't hold the lead. good throw home and here comes akley and a collision at the plate. called safe. i think he was out. seattle closer and a 1, 2, 3 night strikes out the side. a's lose it 5-3 and fall two and a half behind texas in the west. the rangers come up big against the astros and tied at 4 and bases loaded. pop up, former a row sal less tag expght throw is -- tagging and it is high. the rangers win it 5-4 and anders the hero gets treated like this. just give me my jersey. the giants and red sox. i left early in my boat because i had seen enough of this.
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bruce bochy said barry zito deserved another start and he got what he deserved on that pitch. a two-run homer for a 2-0 lead. move to the fourth and this isn't barry's fault. a can of corn for someone, anyone. bueller? bueller? middlebrook scores to make it 6-1 and zito goes 3 and two-thirdsthirds and six earned runs allowed. 12-1 the final. the sox take two of three in the series. in his day he played against the likes of joe montana and dan -- dan marino. one of the best quarterbacks ever. this is fun since kaepernick started, what, 11 nfl games? the key part of the phrase is could be and kaep gets it. >> i am working. to me it is a great honor he said that and very flat terred by it. -- flat terred by it, but at the same time i haven't played a full season.
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>> jim harbaugh is treating kaepernick like a newborn child. the black jersey means he is off limits. >> we were going against our one's. i felt as the defense was running a stunt and ahmad came 3 and was a little too close to colin. as a way to emphasize stay away from colin kaepernick so we don't get anything freakish happening at practice. >> that would be bad. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you very much. coming up, the high school experiment blowing the lid off
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wake up weather. we will start out with mostly cloudy skies. a cool start. temperatures in the 50s, 60s. our live doppler 7hd is watching lightning strikes here.
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mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. dan? >> finally, if you love oreo cookies, listen up. the double stiffed oreos may not have twice as much creamy filling as the originals. a group of high school students in new york decided to test it out. they weighed 10 original and 10 double stuffed oreos. they say the double stuff didn't measure up. they had 1.86 times the cream. an oreo spokesperson stands by the double stuff claim. either way they are pretty good. i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. for colin rush, carolyn johnson, sand jaw patel and larry beil, thanks for joining us. join us on facebook and twitter and all of your mobile devices. bye for now.
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, harrison ford, keri russell, and music from joan jett and the blackhearts. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. i'm the host of the show, thank you for watching. thank you for being here tonight. thank you for your music. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, who is


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